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Ministry / Upcoming Events

“If You are Ready to Believe That You Will Receive Whatever You Ask for in Prayer, it Shall be Done for You."

Mark 11:24

Upcoming Events

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Below please find the list of upcoming events.

Feel free to contact us for additional Catholic resources for discipleship!

Abstract Horizon
Charism Retreat/Workshop   April 16, 2024
Charism Retreat/Workshop   December 2, 2023
Prayer Retreat/Workshop    July 29, 2023


Becoming a Missionary Disciple demands that each one of us "live in the Spirit and follow the
promptings of the Holy Spirit".


Is your parishes focused on renewing your people by leading them into a deeper 'Life in the Spirit" and helping them discern their spiritual gifts for their work as missionary disciples?


If not call us and we will be happy to speak with you and share ideas.

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