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Why Spiritual Gifts Discernment?

Updated: Mar 6

Charisms of the Holy Spirit

Spirtual Gifts

Who among us would receive a gift and put it aside without opening it?

St. Paul tells us we have all received a spiritual gift, a way that the Holy Spirit works through us in our daily lives and yet, most of us have never opened our gift to see what it is. We encourage you to take time out of your busy life to uncover the spiritual gifts God has given you. Charisms of the Holy Spirit: Tools for the New Evangelization helps you become a true "missionary disciple" -- one who can do what Jesus commanded of us -- One who can "GO" and make disciples of all nations. This book will show you how the Holy Spirit has empowered you to use your Spiritual Gifts as you go out "ON MISSION"

As you reference this book you will journey through Catholic resources for discipleship such as the Scripture, the Catechism, and the writings of Pope Francis to learn how the Holy Spirit pours out special gifts called charisms that help us grow spiritually and help us support those we love to grow spiritually.

You will be blessed:

  • To learn how Jesus Himself used all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit throughout His public and private life.

You will be enlightened:

  • When you take the Spiritual Gifts Inventory, score It, and discover your Spiritual Gifts and when you learn about and recognize your own gifts as well as those of others.

You will be energized:

  • When you discover the impact you will have in proclaiming the Kingdom of God to your family members, your friends and neighbors, your co-workers and your fellow parishioners using your charisms.

Once you know your charisms Catholics, you will know what you are called to do with them as a missionary disciple to bring Christ to into "your world" and bring "your world" to Christ!

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