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"From the beginning, the Lord filled the Church with the gifts of His Spirit…among: These gifts are some that are particularly precious for the building and journey of the Christian community: they are the charisms. What, exactly, is a charism?  How can we recognize charisms and be open to receive them?"

Pope Francis' General Audience  October 1, 2014

The Spiritual Gifts Retreat PowerPoint Without Audio

The Catholic Spiritual Gifts Retreat PowerPoint Without Audio

All of the topics presented in this course rooted in Sacred Scripture, The Catechism of the Catholic Church, Apostolic Letters, Encyclicals, Papal Texts, and excerpts from the book, Charisms of the Holy Spirit: Tools for the new evangelization with Rescript In accord with the Code of Canon Law 827 §3 of the Codex Iuris Canonici, granted by †The Most Reverend Leonard P. Blair, STD, Bishop of Toledo, 24 July 2012

Catholic Spiritual Gifts Retreat PowerPoint (without audio). Each slide is annotated with suggestions of what to say. The PowerPoint allows you to add, delete or edit the slides to best fit the needs of your parish/ministry/community.  

The “Spiritual Gifts Retreat PowerPoint Without Audio" includes 123 full-color catholic discipleship resources slides with copyright permission to customize the presentation to fit your parish/community needs by adding to, deleting, hiding, and/or modifying the slides provided the integrity of Catholic Doctrine and Holy Scripture is preserved.  The slides include references from Sacred Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Church Documents such as the Congregation For The Doctrine Of The Faith “Iuvenescit Ecclesia” to the Bishops of the Catholic Church, as well as texts from Pope Francis.  


The PowerPoint slides can be printed in the following formats: 

  1. Printed PowerPoint Slides with Note pages

  2. Printed PowerPoint Slides 1 to 9 slides per page

  3. Printed PowerPoint Outline

The “Spiritual Gifts for Disciples on Mission Retreat PowerPoint” will be uploaded to DROPBOX for easy access and CLOUD STORAGE.

Sample PowerPoint Slide Narration Each slide has presenter directives and suggested presentation 

See the following example.


Now that you have gathered the top 4-6 Catholic charisms of knowledge of your parishioners, what will you do with this information?  Will you document your people’s charisms? Summarize them? Will you save this information in a computer file and then retrieve it when you need particular charisms for your parish growth and life?  Will you invite people to operate in their charisms through personal invitations, labeling and reminding them of their charisms. Will you envision new ministries that enable your people to exercise their charisms and provide discipleship resources for the growth of your parish?

Perhaps even design a ministry that uses a particular charism of the holy spirit such as healing. 

When a pastor I know realized how many people had the charism of healing he asked, “why don’t we have a healing prayer ministry once a month after all the Masses”. And so the parish formed a Prayer Team Ministry.  Now that is a pastor with a vision for forming missionary disciples.

My point is this friends.  There is absolutely no point in doing the work of charism discernment if you are not going to use the information to send people out on their mission to evangelize others. Forming missionary disciples is the whole purpose of charism discernment – sending them out on mission with their charisms at work to bring Christ to the world and the world to Christ is their commission.  Please do not invite your people to discern their charisms if you do not intend to call them forth to use them.

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