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Catholic Publications / Spiritual Gifts Discernment Journal

"Discernment of charisms is always necessary....Test all things and Second, Hold fast to what is that all the diverse and complementary charisms work together for the common good”.

Catechism of the Catholic Church #2003 

Spiritual Gifts Discernment Journal

Two Purposes

The Spiritual Gifts Discernment Journal serves two purposes for those who have initially discerned their spiritual gifts.



First, parish and ministry leaders can use the Spiritual Gifts Discernment Journal as an interview tool with people seeking employment or volunteer ministry talents and also use the prompt to talk about the person’s catholic spiritual gifts inventory.


Second, the Spiritual Gifts Discernment Journal can be used as a spiritual planner by an individual interested in on-going discernment of the catholic spiritual gifts uncovered during the Spiritual retreat gifts.  In this case, the person can enter the process of on-going discernment of the Charisms of the Holy Spirit uncovered during the retreat.  

The Focus

The Spiritual Gifts Discernment Journal focuses on general prompts for reflection and specific charism prompts.  The charism prompts invite people to:


  1. Describe one to three situations in which they have operated in the spiritual gift in their parish, family, career, or community.

  2. Describe how they felt when they operated in the spiritual gift.

  3. Describe what others have said when they have operated in the spiritual gift.

  4. Describe their sense of how others were blessed when they operated in the spiritual gift.     

The Spiritual Gifts Discernment Journal includes activities that help people further discern their highest-scored catholic spiritual gifts by learning about them and responding to guided journaling prompts.  

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