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About the Author

Renée Marazon

Author   |   Teacher/Trainer  |   Moderator   |   Wife  |  Mother  |  Grandmother

Renée Marazon is a member St. Katharine Drexel Parish where she serves as a Eucharistic minister and Co-Chair of the Jeremiah Team (Parish Leadership Team).  She coordinates the parish Charism (Spiritual Gifts) and Prayer Team Ministries and serves as Coordinator of the SKD Alpha Core Team.  She also serves as a coach and mentor for Southwest Florida Alpha USA.

Our WorkOur Publications

Our work and publications invite everyday Catholics to enter into an authentic relationship with Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit, restoring us to our rightful inheritance as children of the Father.  

Our Ministry

Our ministry work is focused on promoting "Life in the Spirit" promoting empowerment in the Holy Spirit through Catholic retreats, workshops, and parish missions that incorporate a wide range of topics   Ministry options are IN-PERSON or via ZOOM.

For Parents

Our parenting publications focus on helping parents intentionally support and nurture their children's growth and learning across all areas of their development (affective (soul life), social (relationships) , creative, cognitive (thinking), language, and physical). 

For Disciples on Mission

Our missionary discipleship publications focus on forming intentional disciples through "Discernment of Spiritual Gifts" called Charisms.  Media includes an ONLINE Charism Inventory for Catholics, the book - Charisms of the Holy Spirit:  Tools for the New Evangelization,  Live and Online workshops, retreats, parish missions, and speaking engagements.

What People Are Saying About Discerning Their Spiritual Gifts

Share one thing you will remember about the gifts retreat.
"Learning that I have list of spiritual gifts. The different Charisms of the Holy Spirit that I have been gifted with. I realize now that it is my responsibility and calling to not only develop my faith but also use my charisms to help in the growth and development of our parish.  The charisms and what they really mean, along with a better understanding of the  Holy Spirit and His Function in the Trinity. I have charisms I didn’t realize I had! The interactions with others, sharing and getting to know others in the parish.  Learning about my strengths.  The Holy Spirit calls us.  It’s important that we respond.  The ways to share our charisms. The interactions with others.  How my charisms can be used in the parish.  I learned about many charisms that were unknown to me."


Books & tools for discerning & developing spiritual gifts; hosting & attending spiritual gifts discernment 
retreats; and hosting and attending spiritual growth retreats.


Click below to browse Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory.


Charisms of the Holy Spirit: Tools for the New Evangelization

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Online Charism


for Catholics

 Charism Retreat/Workshop





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