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Online  Charism Inventory for Catholics 

“There are special graces, called charisms after the Greek term used by St. Paul and meaning "gratuitous gift," "benefit." "favor freely given" or "gift of grace". 

Catechism of the Catholic Church #2003 

Online Charism Inventory for Catholics

St. Paul tells us that each person has been given a manifestation of the Spirit, a way that manifest Christ to others (1 Corinthians 12:7). Do you know what your manifestation of the Spirit is?  Do you know what your charisms (spiritual gifts) are? If you don't, you can find out by taking the Online Charism Inventory for Catholics.  Take the inventory and learn all about your charisms.     

The Online Charism Inventory For Catholics designed for individuals, parishes, religious communities, ministry leaders, covenant communities, seminaries, and institutions of higher learning. 

Online Charism inventory

Single User – $12.00  What’s included

  1. One email log-in per year per user

  2. One Charism Inventory for Catholics per user

  3. One Charism Inventory for Catholics Results per user showing your PERONAL top four (4) charisms. These are presented to you immediately upon completion of the Inventory.

  4. ONE TIME option per user, to print or save the top four charism details to a pdf file.

  5. User instructions on how to print or save charism inventory to a PDF file.

  6. Once charism results are generated and printed and/or saved, the user will have VIEW ONLY access.

  7. There will be a pop up “Single Use Discount Code” sent via email on the user’s one year anniversary to allow the user to “retake” the Inventory. It is important to note that your top four charisms do change over time, depending upon your life experiences such as your work or ministries, and of course, the action of the Holy Spirit.


Single User in combination with Charisms of the Holy Spirit: Tools for the New Evangelization - $24.00.   

Multiple Users – See the price list below

Parish – Ministry –  Apostolate – Community - Seminary - Congregation

Price  List update.jpg

What’s included:

  1. Everything for each Single User (1-7) noted above plus the following

  2. Organization Charism Database that maintains each user’s top four (4) charisms upon completion of their charisms inventory.

  3. Option to export charism data by individual, by group, or by multiple users.

  4. Option to export individual or multiple charisms.  For example export all members who have the charisms of teaching, wisdom and knowledge and service when needing catechists.  Or export all those who have one or two of the following charisms (pastoral, wisdom and knowledge, mercy giving and compassion) when needing a bible study leader. Then give personal invitations to members to fill various roles.

  5. Option to save exported data and/or print data to PDF files using individualized search criteria. 

  6. Instructions on how to print charism date of save results as a PDF file.


 Required – One Time Set Up Fee includes custom-made multi-user database with global access 24/7 via secure website login interface.


 Optional – Technical Support and Maintenance

Annual Technical Support and Maintenance Contract includes access to technical support and maintenance via internet, phone, email, and/or chat for question, troubleshooting, general organization assistance.

Quarterly Contract includes technical support and maintenance via internet, phone, email, or and/or chat (billing rate minimum of $20.00 per 15 minutes. 

The format, forms, and content of the Charism Inventory for Catholics are taken directly from the book Charisms of the Holy Spirit:  Tools for the New Evangelization.  If you want to be able to celebrate the charisms of others in your family, your parish, your community, your ministry, etc. buy the book so you can review and learn about the 20 charisms presented. 



Click the PDF File to the right to view and print the Charism Inventory for Catholics  Price List for  Single Users and Multi-Users. 

What people say about us

“I am so glad I had the opportunity to watch you teach on the Spiritual Gifts of the Holy Spirit and experience the impact you have as you promote all that the Spirit wants to give his people. I am in awe of your teaching gifts.  You always find a way to engage your audience and leave them hungry for more. One of your devoted fans"

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