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"For from Him and through Him and for Him are all Things.  To Him be the Glory Forever! Amen."
(Romans 11:36)

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Ebook Intentional Catholic Parenting Cognitive Development  Birth Through Adulth
  • Ebook Intentional Catholic Parenting Cognitive Development Birth Through Adulth

    SKU: 7708-E

    Parents play a crucial role in shaping the cognitive development of their children. This encompasses their understanding of physical properties, relationships (such as grouping, classification, matching, comparing, ordering, patterning, sequencing), numbering (including concepts like oneness, parts-to-whole, and measurement), cultural awareness, and thinking processes (like attention, memory, trial and error, cause and effect, reasoning and problem-solving, prediction, and estimation).


    It's essential to recognize that fostering children's cognitive growth should be guided by their emerging needs and interests, aligning with their natural thought processes and existing knowledge. Most importantly, this development must be rooted in God's principles and commandments. When children's learning deviates from these truths, parents have the responsibility to correct and provide accurate information about the people, places, objects, and events in their daily lives. Neglecting this duty risks harming their spiritual well-being.


    This eBook intertwines insights into Christ's cognitive development with references to scripture, the sacraments, and Catholic tradition. It offers over 250 practical strategies for parents to intentionally support their children's cognitive growth, ensuring that they nurture their intellectual and spiritual development from childhood through to adulthood.

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