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What Does it Mean to Be a Child of God?

Event Details

Date & Time:Thursday, July 11, 2024, 7:00 PM (Magi Hall doors open at 6:30 PM)

Location: Magi Hall, Epiphany Cathedral, Venice, FL (Corner of Tampa Ave & Harbor Drive)

Event Overview - Understanding What It Means to Be a Child of God

Join us for a profound exploration of spiritual identity as Renée Marazon presents "What Does it Mean to Be a Child of God?" This event promises to offer deep insights into how understanding our identity as children of God can transform our relationships with both God and those around us. Renée will delve into the themes of God's grace and healing, providing a nurturing space for reflection and growth.

This enlightening session is open to everyone—infants, toddlers, children of all ages, and adults. Whether you are seeking answers or looking to deepen your faith, this event is for you.

About the Speaker - Renée Marazon

Renée Marazon is a renowned speaker and spiritual guide known for her ability to connect deeply with her audience. With years of experience in spiritual education and counseling, Renée brings a wealth of knowledge and compassion to her teachings. Her talks are engaging, thoughtful, and often life-changing for attendees.

The Spirit of Love Prayer Group

The Spirit of Love Prayer Group meets every Thursday at 7:00 PM, with doors opening at 6:30 PM. These meetings are held at Magi Hall, Epiphany Cathedral. On the first Thursday of each month, the group participates in Mass at the Parish Center.

Join In Person or Online

We welcome everyone to join us for this event, either in person at Magi Hall, Epiphany Cathedral, or online via Zoom. To participate online, please email for the Zoom link.

Why Attend?

Attending this event will provide an opportunity to:

  • Deepen your understanding of your spiritual identity.

  • Learn how being a child of God can enhance your relationships.

  • Experience God’s grace and healing in a communal setting.

  • Connect with like-minded individuals and build a supportive spiritual community.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Do I need to register for the event? A: No registration is required for attending in person. For online attendance, please email to receive the Zoom link.

  2. Q: Is there any cost to attend? A: No, this event is free and open to everyone.

  3. Q: Can I bring my children? A: Yes, children of all ages are welcome to attend.

  4. Q: How long will the event last? A: The event is scheduled to start at 7:00 PM and will typically last about 1.5 to 2 hours.

  5. Q: Will there be opportunities for questions and answers? A: Yes, there will be a Q&A session towards the end of the event.

Stay Connected for More Spiritual Growth

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Join Us for a Transformative Experience!

We look forward to welcoming you to this enriching event. Whether you join us in person or online, prepare for an evening of spiritual growth and community. Don't miss out on this opportunity to discover what it truly means to be a child of God with Renée Marazon.

Take the next step in your spiritual journey and join us on July 11, 2024. All are welcome!

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