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Catholic Publications & Ministry

Welcome to MAPS for life

Forming Missionary Disciples Anointed
With Spiritual Gifts for Their Mission! 

Our work and publications invite everyday Catholics to enter into an authentic relationship with Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit, restoring us to our rightful inheritance as children of the Father.  


Our ministry is accomplished through Catholic Retreats, Missions, Workshops, and consulting that is focused on parish and community renewal through empowerment in the Holy Spirit.  Ministry options are IN-PERSON or via ZOOM.  

Our publications focus on forming Missionary Disciples through Catholic Spiritual Gifts (Charism) Discernment and "Life in the Spirit" through a wide array of Catholic resources for discipleship.

Our Catholic parenting publications help parents and all who work with children, to model, support, and nurture children's  growth, development, and learning as they discover their true identity in Christ.

MAPS for life Educational Publications are focused on supporting the growth, development, and learning of children and supporting parents in their role as their child's first and best teacher.  

"Life in the Spirit fulfills the vocation of man ...
It is graciously offered as salvation for all.


[CCC #1699]


Share one thing you will remember about the retreat gifts:

"Learning that I have list of spiritual gifts. The different Charisms of the Holy Spirit that I have been gifted with. I realize now that it is my responsibility and calling to not only develop my faith but also use my charisms to help in the growth and development of our parish.  The charisms and what they really mean, along with a better understanding of the  Holy Spirit and His Function in the Trinity. I have charisms I didn’t realize I had! The interactions with others, sharing and getting to know others in the parish.  Learning about my strengths.  The Holy Spirit calls us.  It’s important that we respond.  The ways to share our charisms. The interactions with others.  How my charisms can be used in the parish.  I learned about many charisms that were unknown to me."



Books & tools for discerning & developing spiritual gifts; hosting & attending spiritual gifts discernment 
retreats; and hosting and attending spiritual growth retreats.


Click below to browse Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory.

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